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Casino site address Gambling children, not the other person's house

It's a trillion won ... Only the casino site address operator

Mobilization agency
Keeping 30% of your money spamming indiscriminate spam
North Korean hackers in China are making programs

Fraud, plot, hate war between rivals
The surveillance site that prevents the "

Youth unprotected exposure
Smartphone gambling is accelerating owing to crime
If you overcharge your mobile phone bill

Smartphone gambling kids are not talking about their house
Shortly after an unexplained gas smell spread to Busan last July, the social media said 'real-time Busan sea situation, tsunami sign?' A picture entitled "Busan crow swarms, is it really an earthquake?" Was circulated with photographs. As a result of the police follow-up, this article was revealed to have been posted by an Internet casino site addressee. If you click on the link below the article was linked to the site address of the casino. They spread misleading writings to attract members. Police said, "The site of the casino site has been filled, and it has been a competition to attract visitors."

Internet and social media are flooded with illegal casino site addresses. Police are intensively arresting the casino site address organization, but there is no sign of shrinking. Rather, teenagers are being hit by Internet gambling using smartphones.

Promotional war of illegal casino site addresses

Jung-mo, the owner of the construction company, received a cell phone message a month ago called '○○○ mobile wedding invitation.' I clicked on the Internet address on the bottom of the message. The connection was the casino site address. Jung exited the site, but from the next day, a lot of gambling-related text messages were poured into it. Jung's phone number was exposed to the Internet gambling industry. Chung said, "When I looked at the text, I heard that there were many casino site addresses I had never heard before, including ladder games, snail games, poker, and online sea stories."

On August 18, the Gyeongbuk Police Agency metropolitan police department arrested six people including the executive director on charges of operating an illegal casino site address and arrested eleven members without permission. They set up an office in a one-room in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, opened three casino site addresses, and won 10 billion won for three years. They attracted about 2,000 members to gambling by using money to predict the outcome of sports such as soccer and baseball. A former professional soccer player has devastated 1 billion won.

On the same day, the Gwangju Police Agency metropolitan investigation team also arrested eight people including the organization gang leader Kim, who operated the casino site address. Kim and others made a gambling program by modifying the "game of chopping" that was officially registered with the Game Management Committee. They started 'sales' in November last year, and they spent 3.7 million won in a game against 110 members for four months. A police official said, "Casino sites advertise that they can earn big money in a short time, but Tadbourne is not a member but a site operator." Police estimate that 3 to 5 percent of the total wagering fee is gambling revenue.

Some organizations use public relations agencies to advertise their sites. Limo (38), recently caught in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, received 160 million won a year in exchange for promoting the site of the casino site by broadcasting spam on his mobile phone or commenting on the internet. Lim said that if a member joins a casino site advertised, they lose 30% of the money. There are also organizations that offer multi-level sales in the form of an introduction fee if an existing member recommends another member. Suggested members give 1 to 5% of the amount to the referrer.

There are also a few cases in which the members eat up money or deposited money. A police official said, "Casino site addresses are well connected for several months, and suddenly they disappear or disappear one day."

In order to prevent such accidents, gamblers are targeting the gambling site. The site is designed to share the site address of the casino site with the power to withdraw money from the member, but there is also a site that makes such a site and collects the personal information of the victim, .

North Korea also raises profits from illegal gambling in Korea

There is also a war in the industry that hires hackers to attack competing sites. According to the police, in February, the casino site addresser, Mr. Yang Yong, and other international hacking defense contest winners, along with 13 professional hacker teams, attacked the other casino site address 326 DDos attack. Hackers have reportedly downloaded other sites to interfere with "sales" or to extract personal information from members. A police official said, "Gambling is illegal, and sites are illegal, so all kinds of scams and conspiracies will be published in this world."

Thanks to Internet gambling, North Korea also earns money. Many gambling programs are known to be made in China, but the actual producers are often North Korean hackers. The North Korean hackers hand over the gambling program developed by their Korean brokers to the casino site address operator.

An official of the intelligence agency said, "North Korean hacker units disguised as IT companies in Shenyang, Shanghai and Hangzhou in China have advanced a lot," they said. In addition to preparing for cyber warfare, Kim Jung- "He said.

At the end of last year, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency caught up with the organization of the largest casino site in Korea, reaching 3 trillion won. It is a corporate organization with 150 employees, including chairman, president and general manager, who have earned over 100 billion won over three years. At the time of the search, only about 1.3 billion won of cash was found in the office. Other sites that were arrested two months ago by the Seoul Yangcheon investigation team exceeded 1 trillion won in deposits for three years. As a result, Internet gambling does not fall out of the gang bang's new standard business.

But the way to reduce the casino site address is not simple. The number of cyber gambling crime that police caught was 9538 last year, more than twice as many as 4271 in 2014. A police official said, "Because it is easy to open and close, it is a gambling site that does not get caught in any way," he said. "It will be difficult to eradicate a casino site unless the potential gambler is reduced."

It is very difficult for gambling organizations to catch the bosses because they have overseas site servers in Thailand, China, Philippines, Japan, USA, and even offices. Since the 'boss president' is operating, the boss will escape death and close the exposed casino site and create another site.

Young people are also exposed to gambling

Internet gambling is rapidly spreading to youth. According to the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center, 12% of Internet gambling users are teenagers. Racetracks, casinos, and other off-line business sites are not open to young people, but online gambling is open to virtually anyone. Most of the available casino site addresses are available without the minimum verification procedure such as adult certification.

At the end of last year, Busan High School conducted an investigation into gambling against all students and found that some gambling suspected students even went through their accounts with parental consent. The school has conducted a survey of its students on internet gambling with their smartphone. Choi, 50, a third-grade son of a high school, said, "The mobile phone fee was increased by 300,000 won, so it was used as my son's internet gambling payment fund."

Many gambling debt leads to other crimes such as theft and robbery. On the 19th, the Gwangju Northern Police Department caught four people including a high school student who cheated on fake precious metal in a pawn shop. They are said to have committed a crime when they owed 2 million won in Internet gambling. A gambling problem management center official said, "Gambling teenagers feel the temptation to commit crimes such as violence and theft is much bigger." He said that middle and high school students and parents who ask for counseling for gambling problems are doubling more than two years ago.

The cyber criminal investigation team of the police said, "We must constantly crack down on the internet gambling organization's financing sources to the end and recapture them and actively punish gambling actors." In the case of adolescents, did.

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Chicago, 9th place to play casino

Dancing and drinking at an affordable price. Web site "WalletHub.com" ranked the most popular 150 casino sites.

First place was Las Vegas. Next is Orlando, Florida. New York took third place. San Diego (10th) followed by Miami (4th), Portland, Oregon (5th), Atlanta (6th), San Francisco (7th), New Orleans (8th), Chicago (9th) and San Diego (10th). LA was ranked 12th.

The rankings are divided into three indices: the number of playgrounds including golf courses, saunas and theaters, the number of places to enjoy nightclubs such as dance clubs, parties and casinos, and various costs such as food, beer, and party ticket prices.


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